2022 NFL Pickem Points Pool

Our newest NFL football pool game format 🔥

Points pools are a simple NFL pool format that rewards members for picking a winning team each week. League members pick a team they think will win and get rewarded for the margin of victory or penalized for the margin of defeat. For example, if the team you pick wins by 14, you get +14. If the team you pick loses by 10, you get -10. A running total is kept each week and throughout the season and members can only pick a team once. This is a great option if you want to guarantee all members will be able to play for the duration of the season!

What is a NFL Points Pool?

Here are the rules for our NFL Points pools (ask Margin Pools):

  • Each league member chooses one NFL team each week.
  • If their pick wins, they receive points for the margin of victory.
  • If their pick loses, they receive negative points for the margin of defeat.
  • Points are tracked both by week and overall for the entire season.

Points Pool Commissioner Settings

League commissioners have numerous options to customize their NFL Margin Pool, including:

  • Scoring system (margin of victory and deduct points for losses vs zero points, etc)
  • Allow multiple pick entries per member account or limit members to a single entry
  • Choose the week to start your pool
  • Automatic pick assignment (in case members forget to pick)
  • Allow members to pick an NFL team more than once
  • More ...

Other League Features

Making Picks 🎯

While an NFL points pool may sound simple enough, you'd be surprised how hard it is pick teams that will give you victory points. League members need to plan picks carefully because you only get to pick each team once throughout the season. Think before you pick!

SuicideLeague.com makes the process of picking a team each week simple and reliable. There will be no more weeks where members mistakenly pick a team they've already used. We keep track of each member picks and prevent them from repicking a team along with many other features to run your pool flawlessly.

Viewing Picks & Standings 👀

League members are able to view all other league members picks ONLY after the weekly pick deadline has passed, i.e., the start of the first game each week. We want to be able to see who everyone picked when we watch the games, but we don't want members basing their picks on other members picks.

SuicideLeague.com has designed an easy to understand weekly standings report.

League Chat 💬

A message board on steroids! We've built a real-time smack talking engine to have fun with your league mates.

Brandable League Dashboards 🎨

Add logos, colors, and brandable assets to your league dashboard page to give it the custom look your league deserves!

No Ads and No Fees

Host your League for Free 🙌

Other NFL survivor pool hosting sites charge a hosting fee based on the size of your league upwards of hundreds of dollars. Or the websites are ad-ridden and barely usable. Host your league with Suicide League for free with no ads! Consider a donation and thank you to all who have helped us stay alive for the last 20 years!