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Suicide League is the original NFL survivor pool hosting site.

Since we launched in 2003, we've hosted thousands of leagues and just recently revamped our brand new platform! 🚀

Commish duties never felt so easy. 🙌

Free and No Ads! 🆓

With our revamped platform, we are offering commissioners to host free nfl survivor pools! Other platforms will charge based on league size and have a ton of ads making it virtually unusable, but we want to make these nfl pickem games accessible to all league sizes for free. We do accept donations and all will go towards paying for hosting. Thanks for keeping us alive for 19 years!
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Custom League Settings 🛠

Take your to the league next level with our customizable league settings. Start on any week, issue mulligans or "re-buys", and more!

Kiss Spreadsheets Goodbye 👋

No longer do you have to track your pool's weekly and year-to-date leaderboard manually, via paper or spreadsheets or keep track of which pool members have already picked which teams in your survivor pool. Our platform takes the headache out of commish duties.

Unlimited League Members 🤑

Suicide League can support leagues with any number of members. You can easily communicate and keep track of all league members in your NFL pool from our commissioner's dashboard.

Simple League Setup ✅

Get your league rolling in minutes and invite membership with just a link. Simple and streamlined onboarding for the win.

Online Pick Sheets 🏈

Our pick sheets are all hosted online, making it easy to access from any connected device. Pick easily from your phone or computer.

Real-Time Updates 🤯

As soon as games end, our platform updates your pool right away. Seriously, no waiting around. Check out updated standings and view custom league reports as soon as games end.

Flexible Start Weeks 📆

Start at any point during the season. Week 1 or week 5 or playoffs. You can also restart your league at any point!

League Chat 💬

A message board on steroids! We've built a real-time smack talking engine to have fun with your league mates.

Brandable League Dashboards 🎨

Add logos, colors, and brandable assets to your league dashboard page to give it the custom look your league deserves!

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